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FLOOR-IN installs all epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic and concrete flooring solutions.

Whether you want a simple or high-gloss floor with any color, you’re envisioning a unique epoxy floor,we can help and did it.

FLOOR IN’s epoxy is a highly customizable flooring solution perfect for industrial and commercial facilities.


Critical step in a successful industrial flooring installation is the surface preparation for the application of the flooring system.

The long life of your new floor depends on preparing concrete surfaces for coatings or all of epoxy systems.

It’s very important step to make a good connection between the surface and the first layer of primer epoxy surface

preparation is perhaps the most important factor when executing an industrial flooring project.


self-leveling epoxy is high strength antifungal, antibacterial and perfect for all healthcare facilitis, food industries and medical industries.

In addition to cleanliness, seamless and durable, resistant to the wide variety of acids & alkalis and durability, also we offer a wide array of colors.

The self leveling epoxy thickness of 1, 2, 3, 4 mm and it depends on the request of customer and the requirements of the workplace

Epoxy coating for all industrial and commercial facilities always recommended to use in garages and car service centers as a paint for floors

which facilitates cleaning process because it does not allow the formation of unwanted oils.

Usually epoxy is used for walls in all factories, hospitals, labs, car service centers, garages, isolation cabinets, clubs, schools and many of spaces where

it always need to good walls that can withstand chemical exposure and easily cleaned.

Epoxy mortar are viable flooring option for areas that require that extra level of protection and can bear heavy loads.

Epoxy mortar used to cover up existing damag in floors and help to protect the concrete slab, and have excellent abrasion resistance to withstand the movement of heavy machinery.

They can also help aid against slip and fall incidents by adding additional texture to enhance worker safety.

Epoxy anti-static floor are required in industries where sensitive electronic components or volatile chemicals are involved.

The static electricity build up can result in significant damage, injury and financial loss and minimize the risk of damage in sensitive environments.

So epoxy anti-static floor offers safety for your project

Coving can be used in any of the areas that need antibacterial system. Epoxy cove is an epoxy morter or primer installed to the wall and floor junction to create a radius, which is seamlessly incorporated into the floor system that has been applied to prevent bacteria from harboring in the project floor.

Metallic epoxy can create a gorgeous metallic epoxy floor coating for your business, garage, cafe, shop, mall, ect.

Metallic pigments create depth and movement in the floor that replicates molten metal or ocean blue waters. It offers multi colors and shades with high quality.

Quartz system is decorative, long-range durability, outstanding chemical impact, slip Resistance and high strength concrete resurfacing system.

This industrial and commercial epoxy flooring system is used for environments requiring an attractive.


Polyurethane screed is a single layer 4- 6 mm,

and recommends always using it in premises that require a high degree of chemical resistance, health and safety.

And it is always recommended to use it in places where the temperature ranges between -20 to 80 degrees

Polyurethane coat is good alternative to epoxy coat as distinct from the possibility of epoxy implemented in places exposed to the sun.

Polyurethane coat features

A high chemical resistance

easy to clean, good durability


Slip resistance

High resistance to a lot of chemicals and good abrasion resistance


Solid acrylic is water-based, one component resurface for badminton, volleyball, basketball, and handball courts.

Solid acrylic is applied to asphalt and cement surfaces for the creation of a sub floor athletic courts.

A Cushioned surface option combines the same consistency and durability as a typical coating

System application but adds layers of rubber particles or “cushion” to absorb shock and reduce the impact on a player’s body.


Helicopter concrete is the concrete with the required thickness on metal strips to adjust the levels and slopes then equalize the surface by using the necessary equipment.

Helicopter concrete from characterized by a large degree of strength, durability and withstand high stresses and heavy weights.

Crack injection systems are intended to correct a variety of issues in industrial, commercial floors Whether you need to repair cracks or joints,

fix surface imperfections, or resurface a floors finish, we have a product to suit your needs.

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